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Hello Everyone, the dates for our Co - Headline tour with Mayday Parade are now available on all of our sites.

A limited edition Pre - Order package will be available today at 3 PM (Local Time). We wanted to deliver a cheap and unique package to our fans. With venue fees being…

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Fun with guns in El Paso, TX while recording Pioneer

I was in San Diego on a family trip and I missed out on the gun action. Probably a good thing. I would have killed someone 

I’m prouda my gun. ‘MERICA

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Take Me Dancing lyric video!

You can still download “Take Me Dancing” for free HERE

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Stare at the red dot for 30 seconds and then look at a white wall and blink as fast as you can.

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give us yaaa bonez
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CLICK HERE to download the studio version of “Take Me Dancing” for free!

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